Who We Are

ViB is a dedicated group of individuals who are passionate about making the world a better place.  No matter what type of product or service is offered, it is our strong belief that it is worth doing right!  We are proud of the product we offer.  This is due to researching and using the very best CBD.  It is sourced in the most effective way possible and contains zero THC.

In life there isn’t much that is more important than living healthy.  To do this we do not compromise our business’s integrity by using anything but the most responsible and sustainable practices.  The world has a long and very rich history of using hemp, and we are just doing our part.  It is our goal to make it easy to purchase, dose, and enjoy the benefits of CBD with our gum.

Our CBD Gum

It is for those reasons that we source only the finest CBD that is extracted through advanced CO2 extraction.  This process not only is the most efficient but the most pure CBD.  With the most pure CBD we are able to offer the highest accuracy in dosing when you choose one of our various strengths of CBD Gum.


Our Mission

ViB Gum’s mission is simple.  It is our mission to help people live healthier and happier lives.  When people in communities are living better lives we all win.  The way we are contributing to this goal is through our mission of offering the very best CBD derived from hemp.  Our exceptional quality and purity along with accurate dosing and 5 times faster absorption offer you the benefits with none of the drawbacks or waiting.

ViB & The Community

Through our Blog and ViB Ambassador program it is our goal to help people understand through CBD education how it may offer a valuable impact on their lives.  There are many CBD enthusiasts involved within our company and it something we believe in.  We don’t want to just sell you a stick of gum, we want to offer a way for everyone to support living a calmer less anxiety filled life.