Is CBD Good For Golf?

Is CBD Good For Golf?

A lot of people are asking the question, “Is CBD Good for Golf?”.  From leading golf pros like Bubba Watson and Andrew Stephens to regular golfers, many believe using CBD improves their game.   CBD has become a major topic in the golf world.  In fact, most pro golf shops have shelves full of CBD options.  From gummies and oil to chewing gum, there is no shortage of options for golfers to add CBD to their game. 

Pro Golfers Who Use CBD Gum

Pro golfers take their performance very seriously.  They hone their skills, choose the best equipment, and certainly would never choose any product that didn’t improve their performance.  With the long list of known pros, and a list that seems to grow all the time, it seems chewing CBD gum has become part of the game.  Gum seems to be the preferred choice for pros, as it is easy to carry and use.

Phil Mickelson

Phil Mickelson began chewing CBD gum during the Desert Classic at the age of 48.  Without the gum Mickelson scored a 78 on the Bay Hill course.  The Previous day, while chewing the gum, he posted a 68. While chewing CBD gum he clenched his 44th PGA Tour title. Even before these events, Mickelson was seen using a dropper before participating in an event.  Many have speculated that it was CBD oil that this professional golfer was using.  Most notably Mickelson made no bones about it, he said that “The chewing aspect stimulates the prefrontal cortex.”  

Andrew Stephens

In an article by Golfworld, Andrew Stephens said that he found CBD during “ extremely stressful time”, he went on to say in the article that “It definitely feels like it’s got a bit of a calming factor,”.   Sometimes the only edge one needs is to be calm in the face of pressure.

Bubba Watson

In a surprising turn of events, Bubba Watson went against a PGA warning and endorsed a CBD product maker.  This was an undeniable show of faith towards the benefits of CBD.  Signing this multi year endorsement deal, along with wearing the company’s logo on his hat, was a major statement from a seasoned pro. He was quoted as saying “I’ve personally felt the benefits of [CBD] products”.

Lucas Glover

Glover has not just used CBD, but has partnered with a company and is promoting their products.  He is quoted as saying[the] products help me recover from my workouts and help me maintain my focus during long weeks on tour”.

Scott Piercy

In April of 2019, Piercy joined a long list of golf pros who are partnering with CBD companies.  Not only has he endorsed them, but became a brand ambassador. 

Tiger Woods

Perhaps one of the most recognizable names in today’s golf world, Tiger Woods has been seen chewing gum on the links.  Many reports suggest that the gum he chews, is in fact CBD gum, like so many of his rivals.  

Scott McCarron

ESPN reported that Scott McCarron had been using CBD for a full 2 years. This seasoned pro had been tracking his quality of sleep for some time before trying CBD.  He reported getting better sleep using the CBD, which was backed up by getting green sleep reports from his WHOOP device.  

List of CBD Benefits For Golf

You’re probably wondering what kind of benefits you can expect CBD gum to help with your golf game.  There is still a lot that science is trying to validate about CBD.  However, there are some commonly held beliefs about what CBD can do to improve your performance.

CBD enthusiasts strongly believe that CBD offers the following benefits:

  • Reduces Stress – A number of studies have indicated that CBD has the potential to help with anxiety and stress.  In fact, CBD was included in a National Institute on Drug Abuse’s 2015 report as having therapeutic capabilities. It is well known that golf is just as mentally challenging as it is physically.  Any edge that helps reduce strain on mental factors helps maximize performance. 
  • Eases Pain – The evidence may be anecdotal, but many users report that CBD may help ease both chronic pain and acute pain.  For golfers, this is a desirable benefit.  Painful conditions, such as arthritis and achy joints will impact performance significantly.  Users seem convinced that CBD helps before, during, and after to reduce soreness. 
  • Improves Energy & Focus – Many CBD users enjoy it as they believe it helps them with the energy level and focus.  These are invaluable assets on the links as you’re judging distance, angle, and trying to select the right iron or club.  While we wait for research to catch up with people’s strongly held beliefs, many pros and regular golfers are discovering the benefits of CBD gum. 

Does CBD Gum Get You High?

Nope.  CBD may be derived from the same plant species as marijuana.  However most CBD is usually derived from the hemp plant, not marijuana.  THC is the psychoactive component of the cannabis sativa, while CBD is a non-psychoactive derivative.  In a 2017 report from the World Health Organization, it was stated that “in its pure state, cannabidiol does not appear to have abuse potential or cause harm.” The WHO went on to add that it was their official recommendation that CBD not be scheduled as a controlled substance.

Is CBD Banned by the PGA?

No, it isn’t.  What is banned by the PGA is THC.  This is the reason ,that everyone interested in using CBD, should check the lab reports for their batch of gum.  ViB proudly publishes all lab reports for our isolate and broad spectrum CBD chewing gums.  Each of our selections are 100% THC-Free.  

Anyone who is interested in CBD products needs to be aware that isolate and broad spectrum do not have THC.  Full spectrum CBD products, by definition, do contain the legal allowable level of THC (0.3%).  So the PGA doesn’t ban the use of CBD, but rather instructs golfers to use products at their own risk. The responsibility to ensure they are taking THC free CBD products is on the individual. 

The Science of CBD Gum

While the official jury is out waiting for additional research, many CBD users hold strong beliefs that CBD does offer benefits.  What is scientifically proven, is that chewing gum does increase blood flow to the brain.  When your mind is operating at peak performance, your ability to manage stress and handle tasks is improved. 

What Is CBD?

CBD, also known as Cannabidiol, is a substance that is derived from the bud and flowers from Cannabis Sativa.  There are two primary types of this plant, hemp and marijuana.  Marijuana has long been known for its hallucinogenic properties.  Hemp has been more closely associated with the production of fibers used for making paper, rope, and even clothing.  

In the past couple of decades CBD has been derived from both plants and is exploding in popularity.  This goes for golfers and a wide variety of other performance based competitive activities, such as eSport gamers, rock climbers, snowboarders, and more.  

While CBD proponents make strong claims that it helps with pain, anxiety, and a litany of other health issues, the FDA does not allow CBD companies to make direct claims.  Consumers should be wary of companies making claims, especially those that are outlandish. 

Join The CBD Gum Chewing Pro Golfers

CBD Gum and playing golf seem to have become as natural a combination as peanut butter and jelly. There are 3 major reasons CBD gum is beating CBD oil.  

1st – gum is simply more convenient.  There is no chance your gum will leak from a bottle.  Also, gum is less conspicuous than measuring out oil and using a medicine dropper on the course.

2nd – gum offers dramatically faster absorption when compared to capsules, gummies, or anything that is swallowed.  This is due to the CBD entering your bloodstream via the blood vessels under your tongue.  This method is about 5 times as fast as any CBD your swallow.  

3rd – CBD gum offers superior absorption.  “Bioavailability” is a term that refers to how much of a substance our bodies absorb.  When you swallow CBD, your digestive system limits the amount that ends up in your bloodstream to about 10% of what you take.  Gummies and capsules top out at 10%, CBD chewing gum more than triples that amount at 33%.  

CBD gum isn’t just a favorite on the golf course either, it is becoming popular with everyone from college students to high pressure careers.  Science will catch up with the benefits of CBD through exhaustive and lengthy research, but you can find out what CBD gum can do for you by ordering your ViB CBD gum today!


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