What Is CBD?

What is CBD?

What Is CBD?

CBD is a substance which is derived from the Cannabis sativa plant.  Two species of Cannabis sativa are hemp and marijuana.  CBD can be extracted from either plant, but some states require it to be from hemp.  Hemp, by law, may only contain 0.3% THC.  THC is the substance which causes psychotropic effects associated with marijuana.  It’s for this reason that ViB offers CBD gum which is made from hemp plants right here in the United States.  There are in excess of 80 compounds which fall under the classification of cannabinoids in the Cannabis sativa plant, CBD is just one of them that people believe have beneficial effects.  Our Isolate and Broad Spectrum gums are 100% THC free, so you’ll never have to worry about a drug test.  

How Long Does It Take To Work?

The amount of time it take CBD to work depends on a number of factors.  The biggest factors being the type of CBD you take.  Topicals, gummies and capsules will take a half hour or more.  CBD gum is 5 times faster as it is absorbed directly into your bloodstream.  Click here to read more about how long it takes for CBD to work.

CBD Extraction Methods

CBD has gained a lot of attention and it isn’t clear to people where it comes from or how we get it.  CBD or Cannabidiol is a substance present in virtually every cannabis plant. You can find it in both medicinal cannabis which is in THC and industrial hemp plants. Hemp in general has virtually no THC, so it has no psychoactive effects.  CBD can be extracted from any of these, but if the goal is to produce isolate, it is derived from hemp.  There are various ways to extract CBD from these plants, including: CO2 extraction, liquid Solvents, and oil Extraction. ViB Gum uses CBD that’s been extracted via CO2 extraction in the case of our Isolate gum, and solvent extraction for our broad spectrum gum.  Click here to read more about CBD extraction methods.

What is CBD Used For?

Like most products coming to market there is controversy about what CBD does exactly.  It also has an unjustified stigma around it, due to the history of illegal marijuana use in the United States.  With many states approving both medical and recreational marijuana, it is no surprise that CBD is gaining awareness and popularity in every state in the union.  The FDA does not allow sellers of CBD to make any claims about the affects or benefits of CBD.  So the best way to find out what it can do for you, is to try it.  Gum in general has been proven to help alleviate anxiety and stress.  ViB goes a step further and adds CBD to chewing gum.

CBD Safety

Just like any new product this supplement must be coordinated with your prescriptions.  CBD can interact with medications you’re taking, alcohol, and drugs.  Any medications you’re already taking for sleep, stress, panic, or anxiety should be taken into consideration.  This is why we offer a low level “beginner’s dose” of CBD with our 10mg CBD Gum.  With many restaurants adding it to their menu and doctors regularly suggesting its use, it is clearly a safe product.  Before taking CBD you should consult your doctor to ensure it will not adversely affect you.  Always try a small amount of CBD before trying more and never drive until you know how any product is going to affect you.

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