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Now that you’re a distributor, you now have access to bulk pricing discounts for our ViB products. You’ll notice that when you purchase more than 10 of our 10 pack displays, your profit margin increases significantly.  Those good vibes on your shelf turn into good vibes in your wallet.

Distributor Bulk Discount Comparisons

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Distributor Assets

We provide our distributors with various marketing assets to help with the promotion of our products. This includes a variety of posters, sales sheets, banners, graphics, and videos. You can find them all HERE.

10 Pack – Display Box Designs

Our Distributor CBD gum comes in 10 pack quantities, with 2 different display box designs.  Both display box options can be displayed on countertops or hung up on pegboard displays. The images below show the two different options you’ll receive when ordering the 10 pack display boxes as a distributor.