Tips For Living A Balanced Life

Tips For Living A Balanced Life

Life is a balancing act.  Even if you’re not on a highwire, there are many elements to keep an eye on.  We take on responsibilities with school, work, relationships, and starting families which places demands on our time and energy. 

Oxford Languages Defines Balance as:

a condition in which different elements are equal or in the correct proportions.

“try to keep a balance between work and relaxation”

Balance is the act of keeping the dedication of time and energy at a healthy level.  A healthy level exists between being productive and taking time to enjoy life.  Many times those goals are not mutually exclusive, but each of us needs to take time to evaluate what we are achieving vs if we are enjoying the ride.

Why Balance Matters

Balance in life matters as it is a major factor in enjoying our lives.  It isn’t always an easy equation to get right.  We can make minor adjustments to our perception and conditions of our lives, but if we aren’t able to manage our stress it will have an impact on our emotional and physical health. 

Effects of Stress

There is no denying that there are consequences for not achieving balance in life.  The Mayo Clinic has stated that common effects of stress are:


Common effects of stress
Common effects of stress – The Mayo Clinic


There is a wide range of unwanted effects on your body, mood, and behavior if you do not achieve a healthy balance. Unchecked stress leads to life changing consequences.  So it is very important to strike a healthy balance between productivity and leisure. 

Manage Your Stress Like A Boss

All of us have stress, and each of us needs to have ways to manage it.  There are some basic things that help all of us manage stress.  Most of them involve taking time away from school or work and getting active.  Exercise is a huge part of achieving balance.  In addition to maintaining a sense of humor, practicing meditation, spending time with your friends and family, along with listening to your favorite music or reading books will help manage stress. 

While it might seem relaxing to scroll on your phone, play video games, or watch TV, research has shown that over the long term they may increase your stress.


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