Certificate of Analysis

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ViB ensures quality and precise dosing for each and every product we offer.  This is done through independent laboratories so you, the consumer, know you’re getting the very best CBD product.

All of our CBD products are tested for quality and content by Atlantic Test Labs Inc. Their laboratory is continuously video-monitored to ensure testing conditions.  In addition they use Class 7 cleanrooms, state of the art HEPA filters, and meet the ISO 14644 requirements.

What Is Tested For

ViB gum is tested not only for CBD and THC content, but also for any impurities.  Both our CBD isolate and broad spectrum CBD gum is tested by a 3rd party laboratory.  This ensures that they are THC free.  We screen for both THCA and D9-THC.  While THCA isn’t a psychoactive compound it can become activated via a decarboxylation process.  We ensure that both of our current gum options are 100% THC free.

What Is CBD Isolate?

CBD Isolate is absolutely just one cannabinoid, CBD.  It is considered a great beginner’s type of CBD.  We use it in making our 10mg CBD gum.

What Is CBD Broad Spectrum?

Broad spectrum CBD is all of the helpful cannabinoids, without any trace of THC.  It is popular as it benefits from the entourage effect.  This effect means that each of the cannabinoids effect together is stronger than any one alone.  Another benefit with broad spectrum is that as it is THC free, using it will not mean testing positive on a drug test for THC.

Publicly Available Lab Reports 

We believe that you have a right and responsibility in knowing what is in the product you’re buying.  For this reason, we make all of our lab report batch records publicly available.  You can read it for yourself and know that the gum is free from impurities and has the correct CBD per piece.