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ViB CBD Gum has 10mg of CBD isolate per piece.  This Kosher chewing gum is made with CO2 extracted CBD isolate which has NO THC.  It is derived from the non-psychotropic hemp plant.  This means that you get the benefits of CBD with a cool mint flavor.  Suggested use is at least twice daily or as needed.

We offer our CBD gum on a monthly subscription in single packs, 3 packs, 6 packs or 10 pack display box. Starting at 15% off normal pricing, have CBD gum delivered each month and save!

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ViB’s CBD gum is the convenient and easy way to enjoy CBD discreetly anywhere, any time you like.  As a CBD product that is chewed and kept in the mouth, it is absorbed more quickly and more of it is used in your body.

5 Times Faster

Our CBD Gum is 5 times faster than other oral CBD options

Great Minty Flavor

ViB Gum tastes great unlike bitter CBD oils

Better Bioavailability

Oral absorption means more CBD in your system by avoiding first pass metabolism.

Discreet & Convenient

Chewing gum is easy to carry and more discreet than a glass bottle and medicine dropper.

What Is CBD Gum?

CBD gum is chewing gum that’s infused with CBD (cannabidiol).  This is a compound that is derived from hemp. Hemp being a variant of cannabis plant that contains virtually no THC. Federal law requires that hemp contains 0.3% THC or less.  CBD rich oil and our gum is geared at providing the benefits of CBD instead of psychotropic effects that THC causes. 

Our 10mg gum is produced with CBD Isolate.  CBD Isolate is made with a process which strips all THC away.  This process produces CBD crystals or a powder.  We use these CBD extraction forms to create a fast and safe CBD delivery system in ViB gum.  As soon as you start chewing our gum the CBD is released and absorbs into your body.

What sets ViB gum apart from other CBD products, it is the minty fresh way to get the benefits of CBD discretely and quickly.  No one bats an eyelash when someone pops in a piece of gum.  When CBD is absorbed via the blood vessels in the mouth it enters the blood stream 5 times faster than CBD to you swallow.  This “sublingual” method of absorption also means that more of the CBD actually makes it into your body.  When we swallow CBD much of it is lost in the liver after digestion.  It is easier to chew a piece of gum vs. having to swallow pills or hold a tincture under your tongue.

Faster & Easier CBD

As soon as you start chewing ViB gum the CBD oil is released.  It is then absorbed by your oral mucosa, which is the membrane lining of the inside of your mouth.  This means the CBD gets to work immediately, instead of having to go through your digestive tract.  Not only does it provide more CBD to your system, you get the effects 5 times faster!  Research has shown that when CBD is swallowed and digested in the form of drinks, capsules, or edibles only 10% of the CBD advertised on the label is actually delivered to the endocannabinoid system in the body.

By getting more of the CBD into your system, it isn’t being wasted by being filtered out by the liver.  That means you get what you’re paying for, and faster than alternative CBD products.  Experience the difference for yourself by placing an order for ViB CBD Gum today.

Want to learn more about CBD and how it works?  Check out our FAQ page and stay tuned for Blog articles.

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