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ViB+ CBD Gum has 25 mg of broad spectrum CBD, the highest of any on the market.  Broad spectrum CBD has a stronger effect as it contains more cannabinoids than just CBD with the same great minty flavor.  ViB+ takes advantage of the entourage effect by having multiple types of cannabinoids which provide a stronger effect than each cannabinoid alone.  ViB+ has NO THC, so there are no worries when it comes to psychotropic effects.

We offer our CBD gum on a monthly subscription in single packs, 3 packs, 6 packs or 10 pack display box. Starting at 15% off normal pricing, have CBD gum delivered each month and save!

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ViB+ CBD gum is the stronger CBD gum option.  It has all of the CBD of our original gum with additional cannabinoids.  Like our isolate, ViB+ is 100% THC free, so you don’t need to worry about any issues with THC and potential psychotropic effects.  CBD gum is the faster way to get more CBD into your bloodstream.  Our gum achieves this by delivering the CBD to your system via the blood vessels in your mouth.  Instead of 90% of the CBD being filtered out by your liver, it goes straight into your bloodstream.  That means you enjoy more of the benefits from CBD you buy.

5 Times Faster

Our CBD Gum is 5 times faster than other oral CBD options

Great Minty Flavor

ViB Gum tastes great unlike bitter CBD oils

Better Bioavailability

Oral absorption means more CBD in your system by avoiding first pass metabolism.

Discreet & Convenient

Chewing gum is easy to carry and more discreet than a glass bottle and medicine dropper.

What is Broad Spectrum CBD Gum?

ViB+ CBD gum is gum made with broad spectrum CBD.  Broad spectrum CBD is a collection of the most beneficial cannabinoids with the THC 100% removed.  Industrial hemp plants, which is what CBD rich oil is made from,  are legally only allowed to have 0.3% THC. Broad spectrum, much like isolate, has all of the THC removed.  That means you get the fresh minty flavor, benefit of broad spectrum CBD and without any risk of having unwanted psychotropic effects.

ViB+ 25mg Broad Spectrum gum is derived from industrial hemp plants and have all of the THC removed.  Our gum is 3rd party laboratory tested to ensure accurate dosing, and that the gum is completely free from bacteria, toxins, and is pure.

ViB CBD gum is a step above the competition as we have a proprietary blend of ingredients.  Our custom blend means you get the very best flavor, long lasting gum, which also delivers the benefits of CBD.  CBD gum has clear advantages over vapes, tinctures, gummies, and other CBD products you ingest.  Chewing gum is perfectly normal and common place, so when you pop the seal on ViB gum, no one is going to notice you’re taking CBD.

CBD absorbed in the mouth also enters the bloodstream 5 times faster than products you ingest.  Best of all when CBD is absorbed in the “sublingual” way you get more CBD in your bloodstream.  If you swallow a CBD product it is filtered out by 90% by the first pass in your digestive system and liver.   CBD gum is also just more convenient, it isn’t going to leak oil in your backpack, and you don’t have to sit around holding bitter oil under your tongue.

Faster & Easier CBD

As soon as you start chewing ViB gum the CBD is released.  It mixes with your saliva and is absorbed by your oral mucosa.  The mucosa is the membrane lining of the inside of your mouth.  This means the CBD gets to work immediately, instead of you having to wait for it to go through your digestive tract.

Not only does it provide more CBD to your system, you get the effects 5 times faster!  Research has shown that when CBD is swallowed and digested in the form of drinks, capsules, or edibles only 10% of the CBD advertised on the label is actually delivered to the endocannabinoid system in the body.

By getting more of the CBD into your system, it isn’t being wasted by being filtered out by the liver.  That means you get what you’re paying for, and faster than alternative CBD products.  Experience the difference for yourself an order for ViB CBD Gum today.

Want to learn more about CBD and how it works?  Check out our FAQ page and stay tuned for Blog articles.

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